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Protective fabrics for firefighters


The maximum people responsible for fire extinction and fire fighting truly deserve a high recognition for their extraordinary work and, all things considered, what concerns to this community is designed to satisfy the higher values of protection and comfort, accepting high quality fabrics and high costs. The fabrics obtained from aramide fibers are the predominants in this sector, since these provide resistance to high tensile strength values and durability of the manufactured garments, being totally unburnable.

The drawbacks associated with the use of these garments are the high costs of these raw materials and the poor comfort they offer. Besides, this is a highly "brand" sector where the possibilities of entering in this market are reserved to two or three major commercial brands. For these reasons, Marina Textil has developed a range of technical fabrics obtained from mixtures of meta and para-aramides, of new generation, with more affordable prices and proven safety and effectiveness at place.

The different dangers faced by firefighters in the highest-risk situations, vary from maximum exposure to fire or accidents of any nature to protection against cuts or scratches of diverse severity of damage. Therefore, we speak about a sector in which an extreme quality is a priority, where the fabrics used offer an excellent flame resistance and allow, as far as possible, a good portability.

EN11612  -  Heat and flame
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