Marina textil

fabrics for industrial laundries

In recent years, the system used by the companies for the washing of protective clothing has evolved, and the majority of companies using technical protection fabrics are beginning to work with industrial laundries. The last ones offer many advantages to the users of fabrics, for example, maximize the useful life of the garment, or the renting service of the garments, to ensure an optimum washing (clothes are washed, following the correct parameters given by manufacturers of fabrics).

Marina Textil is cooperating with some industrial laundries, to meet and exceed your needs. That's why Marina has developed a washing instruction guide for each technical fabric it manufactures, taking into account the following points:

• Assessment of the environment, atmosphere, workplace and space where the garment is used.

• Technical parameters of fabrics: composition, construction, weight and dyeing processes which each fabric has been treated each with.

• Acceptance of a wide range of universal washing powders, softeners, chemical products and surfactant agents.

                                       Marina textil, the most profitable partner for laundries

On several occasions, Marina Textil is also involved in the selection process and fabric counseling, working with the laundries in the following fields:

• Advising on choosing the fabric, according to ISO and ASTM norms.

• Efficient after-sales service to solve any unforeseen or implement improvements in fabrics.

• All Marina textile fabrics have been developed with an anti-pilling concept and resistance to washing, to last the useful life of the garment.

• The protective properties of Marina Textil's fabrics are inherent, meaning that the protection remains what means that the protection remains unalterable through the washings. The fabrics always protect.

• Construction of fabrics to maintain good shrinkage values​​.


EN11612  -  Heat and flame EN11611  -  Welding EN 1149  -  Antistatic EN61482  -  Electric arc flash EN13034  -  Antiacid EN343 - Water-resistant