Marina textil

Protective fabrics for automotive workwear

The automotive industry, car producers, due to its technological nature, is the industry sector where there are present more variety of work hazards. For this reason, in each case it's required an specific protection, because there are uncountable operations. Among them: foundry operations, to manufacture the main structural components of a vehicle, along with various cutting and welding operations involved in assembling and assembly; from the installation of highly sensitive electronic components to electrostatic discharge, paint and bodywork processes ... a variety of risks that operators coexist with in this sector.

An industrial sector that by its volume and importance in the society can not permit their workers being not well-protected, and that is why all staff is properly equipped with an appropriate PPE, designed for each specific operation. Marina Textil has an experience of over 5 years in this industry, working with leading global vehicle manufacturers (PSA, WV, FIAT, ...), guaranteeing the safety of its employees.

EN11612  -  Heat and flame EN11611  -  Welding EN 1149  -  Antistatic EN61482  -  Electric arc flash EN13034  -  Antiacid EN343 - Water-resistant EN471  -  High Visibility EN31092 - Breathability