Marina textil

Textile engineering in protective fabrics

Marina Textil S.L. was born in 1996 from a small familiar factory established in 1992 in Barberà del Vallès (Barcelona). From its beginnings, its products were basically, fabrics for the fashion sector. Soon, it derived its orientation, focusing the main line of business on the technical protective clothing world.

In 2007, it totally renewed installations and production machines with the objective to offer, as from latest generation technology, the maximum guarantees on the control and the quality processes.

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Parallel, 30% of investments have been used for equipment of own testing laboratory, where new developments are defined and the technical values are controlled, as well as, the properties of production fabrics.

Nowadays, Marina Textil S.L. is a young and prepared team of 40 people, to ensure maximum strictness in the risks protection of the people that used our fabrics. Right now, already more than 25 countries trust on the philosophy and the product of Marina Textil.