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Stark - Antistatic uniformity fabric

antistatic fabric

Stark® is a technical antistatic fabric designed to protect highly sensitive products to electrostatic charge.

Stark® is a protective fabric, made of continuous polyester yarn fiber (sometimes with cotton) and antistatic yarns, obtaining an antistatic fabric, ideal for working in laboratories or workshops where sensitive components have to be handled with care: electronics and microelectronics laboratories, chemical labs, electrical workshops, cleanrooms, automotive industry...

is designed to transport discharges through its semiconductors yarns, until ground, functioning as continuous discharge channel.

The properties of Stark ® are certified according to EN1149.1 and ESD EN61340-5-1 standards. There is also a variety of this fabric, Stark IG135 which also provides the properties of a permanent fire-resistant permanent fabric which prevents the spread of flame.

Stark ® offers an optimal colorfastness, fast-drying, easy care, breathability (RET test), good dimensional stability without detachment of fibers and an excellent quality/price ratio.

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Technical sheet
Stark C151
EN 1149  -  Antistatic
150 gr/m2
Stark NP125
EN 1149  -  Antistatic
125 gr/m2
Stark NP150
EN 1149  -  Antistatic
150 gr/m2
Stark PC220
EN 1149  -  Antistatic
220 gr/m2