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Plusmark - Flame resistant multinorm high resistance

multinorm technical strong fabric

Plusmark ® is a new development of a fire resistant multinorm fabric with high tensile strength, high resistance to aging and longer lifetime, than the most of the current fire resistant multinorm fabrics, maintaining softness and comfort.
Plusmark ® is a blend fabric made from cotton, modacryclic FR, antistatic fibers (optional) and other synthetic fibers blend. This composition makes it a flame-resistant fabric with inherent properties that don't decrease with the fabric use. The fabric has a high tensile and tear strength, an excellent tear durability caused by the washing cycles. As another remarkable quality, highlights its softness (good level of comfort).

Due to properties of this fabric, is a good choice in many industries, where protection against the following hazards is needed: heat, flame, antacids, anti-static and electric arc flash. Some sectors which currently are wearing garments made with Plusmark ® are: petrochemical, electric sector, shipbuilding, gas companies, industrial assembly subcontractors...

Plusmark ®
is evaluated under the European EN 6330 for domestic washing and, also evaluated under ISO 15797 for industrial laundries, and under many other protections EN ISO (EN 11612, EN 61482, EN15025).


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Technical sheet
Plusmark AT145
160 gr/m2
Plusmark AT145FC
160 gr/m2
Plusmark AT260
260 gr/m2
Plusmark AT260FC
280 gr/m2
Plusmark AT260IR
260 gr/m2
Plusmark AT295
300 gr/m2