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Marlan V - Flame resistant fabric for foundries, american regulations

Marlan V® is a permanent flame resistant fabric, designed to protect from molten metal splashes, in the iron and steel sector and to meet American standards of foundries.

Marlan V® is a variation of the original Marlan, to meet American market demands for foundries, where standards are regulated by U.S. agencies.

The main difference with Marlan is that the Marlan V meets the American Vertical flammability Standard (ASTM D6413), mandatory in America.

All other technical and protective features, as well as the values against splashes of molten metal, European standard EN ISO 9185, remain faithful to the original Marlan V®, D3 value, that provides the highest score of protection against aluminum splashes and E3, the maximum protection that a fabric can get against iron and steel splashes.

The wool and flame resistant fibers provides an excellent thermal insulation characteristic, also avoid that molten metal sticking to the fabric which is the main problem of synthetic fibers fabrics.

Marlan V ® protective properties are inherent, which means that the protection level doesn't decrease with the fabric use, or after washing many times. The properties of Marlan fabric remain unchanged throughout its life cycle.


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Technical sheet
Marlan V255
255 gr/m2
Marlan V255HV
255 gr/m2
Marlan V315
315 gr/m2
Marlan V370
370 gr/m2