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Marlan Plus - molten metal splashes protection (new development)

Marlan® is a permanent flame resistant fabric, designed to protect from molten metal splashes in foundries sector, especially from molten aluminum, but also works perfectly with iron and steel.

Marlan Plus® is an evolution of the original fabric Marlan . R+ D+I team of Marina Textil has been working for more than 2 years in this new development, to provide significant improvements compared with the original Marlan, due to the good results provided by the original.

The main advantage is that it has achieved to provide more protection with lighter weights and indirectly, more comfort. Another improvement is that it has been introduced a new fiber composition, TENCEL ® to ensure a pleasant sensation on skin contact. This fiber is used primarily in lingerie due to his soft touch, breathability and comfort.

According to the EN ISO 9185, Marlan ® has a value D3, the highest score of protection against aluminum splashes, and also has E3 the maximum protection that a fabric can get against iron / steel splashes. In addition, Marlan offers very good protection against other molten materials like nickel, lead, zinc, ...

Wool fibers and flame retardant fibers mixture, provides a fantastic thermal insulation properties, also avoiding that molten aluminum sticks to the fabric which is the main problem of fabrics with synthetic fibers.


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Technical sheet
Marlan plus 235
240 gr/m2
Marlan plus 300
310 gr/m2
Marlan plus 350
350 gr/m2