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Marko Welding

marko welding

Manufactured to support thermal risks from derived welding techniques and allied processes, joined to the maximum comfort among its different possibilities, offering protection and comfort with less weight to the user. A maximum durability of use and resistance against UV light are two of its more developed characteristics in the new range of Marko Welding.

Certified according to the norm EN-11611 class 1 y class 2, the fabric allows the users to operate under more safety in their welding and allied tasks, and in its different techniques. In addition, it lasts the useful life of the garments and that's why a saving in costs is possible. For each situation and each case, there's the possibility of adapting different solutions, based on the risk in this sector, so that the fabrics offer a wide range of solutions from welding and allied techniques less aggressive, such as TIG, brazing or electrode welding, to the most critical such as MIG, MAG, MMA, plasma cutting, radial cutting or Oxy cutting operations.

Marko Welding is well suitable for diverses sectors as Naval, Metallic constructions, Automotive sector, Structure , Foundries , Boiler Builders , as well as in all processes where exists risks of metal sparks and splashes, which come into contact with the user's body.

Fabrics studied for offering the best protection in this sector. They also offer a high resistance against molten metal impacts from diverse welding and allied processes..



Technical sheet
Marko AT320SW
360 g/m2
Marko AT395SW
430 g/m2