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Marko Cold

Marko Cold

Factors and Risk of the Cold Exposure
The factors to consider when assessing the risk from exposure to cold can be grouped into: climatic factors, individual factors and characteristics of the working place.

MARKO COLD guarantees a good protection against the cold and climatic adverse conditions. For occasions, where the protection clothes are necessary in low temperature works and likewise offering a good solution for different work conditions, levels and duration of the activity and typology of the work.

MARKO COLD provides an optimal balance in the type and quantity of protective fabric to provide an adequate level of protection to avoid the sub-protection, which the worker would be exposed to cold; and the over-protection, where risk of excessive perspiration produces wet clothes next to the body, reducing the isolation that provide the garments and causing a progressive cooling of the body.

MARKO COLD is certified by the European standards EN ISO (11612, 343, 14058, 342...). This fabric offers good results in domestic washes (EN ISO 15797) and in industrial laundries (EN 6330).

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