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Marko - Flame resistant multinorm

electric arc flash

Marko® is a permanent fire resistant fabric & multinorm fabric, designed to protect from electrical arc flash according to European norms and American ATPV values. This fabric is designed to provide multiple protection and comfort to end user.

Marko ® is a fire resistant fabric used in different sectors, due to its wide range of protection and good confortability. Among its qualities there's flame resistance, necessary protection for various industries such as petrochemical, electrical, automotive ... Another quality is its antistatic properties (EN1149), thorough antistatic threads. Its comfortability, also makes it a good choice to dress firefighters, police and security forces.

Marko® is a fabric designed to protect from electrical arc flash, with a good ATPV and EBT values, depending on their weight (refer to Technical data sheet).

Marko® has a composition based on (modified) modacrylic and cotton and antistatic fibers, to guarantee its inherent properties throughout the lifetime of the garment. Marko ® is available in woven and knit.

Marko® is certified with European standards of protective fabrics EN ISO (ISO 11612, EN 471, EN 15025, ...). Marko® is also certified with the American ASTM (F1959) and with EN 6330 for domestic washing and ISO 15797 for industrial laundries.


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Technical sheet
Marko AT180
210 gr/m2
Marko AT180FC
210 gr/m2
Marko AT180HV
210 gr/m2
Marko AT240
240 gr/m2
Marko AT240FC
240 gr/m2
Marko AT240HV
240 gr/m2
Marko AT240HVIR
260 gr/m2
Marko AT280
280 gr/m2
Marko AT280FC
280 gr/m2
Marko AT320
320 gr/m2
Marko AT320FC
320 gr/m2
Marko AT320HV
320 gr/m2
Marko AT395
395 gr/m2
Marko AT395HV
395 gr/m2
Marko CAL P150
Marko CAM P150
Marko F-AT130
EN 1149  -  Antistatic
155 gr/m2
Marko FLP370AT
405 gr/m2
Marko FP330AT
330 gr/m2
Marko P150
170 gr/m2
Marko P150IR
EN61482  -  Electric arc flash
200 gr/m2
Marko P200AT
190 gr/m2
Marko P270AT
270 gr/m2
Marko POL P200AT
200 gr/m2
Marko PX300AT
300 gr/m2
Marko SOCK 350
Marko SWE FLP370AT
Marko T630AT
Marko VER P270