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Protective heat and flame resistant fabrics

Permanent flame resistant fabrics (EN 11612), designed to protect against flame risks (EN 15025 o ASTM D6413), high temperatures, electric arc (EN 61482 ASTM F1959), welding operations (EN11611), oxyacetylene cutting, and molten metal splashes (EN 9185).

molten metal splashes fabricsFlame resistant fabrics (EN ISO 11612) which also have good protective values according the EN 9185, protection against molten metal splashes.


Flame resistant protection fabric against big aluminium splashes (750ºC) and cryolita (1100ºC).

Marlan VModification of Marlan fabric to satisfy the American norm ASTM D6413, vertical flammability, required in most foundries.
Marlan PlusA new evolution of the original Marlan, to obtain better values of protection with light weight.
Marko steelAn evolution of the original Marko fabric, designed to protect against big molten of steel/iron splashes (1000 - 1200ºC).


Flame resistan fabrics (EN ISO 11612) with good values of protection againts electric arc risk, according European norms (EN 61482-1-2) and the American ones (ASTM F1959).

Flame resistant fabric with ATPV values according the ASTM F1959. It's also available in knit fabric.
PlusmarkFlame resistant fabric with protection values according to the European norm EN ISO 64182-1-2. Available in light weighs for Shirts.

Multinorm flame resistant fabrics (EN ISO 11612). The same fabric can be waterproof (EN 343), High Visibility (EN 471), for welders (EN 11611) and antistatic (EN 1149).

Multinorm flame resistant fabric, which offers comfort, durability and versatility, used in maintenance operations.
PlusmarkMultinorm flame resistant fabric, resistant to abrasion and pilling. Designed for industrial laundries (EN 6330).
Marko weldingMarko evolution with excellent results under welding tests (EN 11611) and against cutting operations impacts.