Marlan - Flame resistant fabric for foundries Marko - Flame resistant multinorm Plusmark - Flame resistant multinorm high resistance Stark - Antistatic uniformity fabric Marax - Antistatic ATEX fabric Lux - High visibility fabric

Protective fabrics for workwear

Personal protective fabrics, such as: fire resistant fabric, antistatic fabric, antacid fabric, high visibility fabric, and also multinorm fabric, are part of Marina Textil's products, developed to ensure the protection of all its users, against risks: to flame, radiant heat, molten metal splash, electric arc flash, the electrostatic charges, low visibility situations ...

Marina Textil has its own laboratory of new materials and textile fibers (I + D + i), and a qualified personnel, specializing in protection labor standards: EN471, EN11612, EN11611, EN61482, NFPA2112 ... This knowhow, enables Marina Textil to get the confidence from their customers and end users.

Efficient and independent manufacturing, ensuring a high level of quality in all its projects, complemented by an agile and reliable service. All fabrics are developed and manufactured in textile Marina facilities, Barcelona, Spain.

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